A comprehensive comparison of solutions.

This comparison of common dewatering techniques explains each method’s advantages, limitations, and applications for use in resource extraction, including mining, oil & gas, power generation, and similar industry dewatering. A comprehensive guide, providing information that can help those in industry choose the most suitable dewatering solution for their specific site needs. 


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How Minetek's mechanical water evaporators work.

Minetek Mechanical Evaporation Systems work by pumping a high volume of water at high pressure through specially configured nozzles. The nozzles atomize the water into tiny droplets, and these atomized water droplets are forced up into the atmosphere to evaporate. During this process, a percentage of the water will evaporate, and a percentage will fall back into the water source. Any solids, salts, heavy metals or contaminants that are contained within the water will typically not evaporate; they will fall out along with the non-evaporated droplets. 

Minetek’s innovative technology has revolutionised the way industries deal with their wastewater. With over 500+ systems installed worldwide, Minetek Water is the industry leader in sustainable wastewater management solutions

Minetek’s Water Evaporators were engineered to process a vast range of varying water qualities, delivering an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable water management solution.

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Water management that is 5 times more cost-effective than traditional methods.

Engineered from the ground up using the first principles of fan engineering and airflow, Minetek Water Evaporators are scientifically proven to enable environmentally sustainable water management outcomes in even the most challenging industrial landscapes. Reduce the risks associated with excess water and ensure environmental compliance with Minetek.

Reasons to choose Minetek Water:

  • Over 500+ systems installed worldwide in over 25 countries.
  • Success operating in every climate globally. 
  • Success in processing all types of wastewaters. 
  • Process up to 4.0mm in diameter solids.
  • Evaporate water with a pH level ranging from 1.8 to 14+.
  • Process up to 3240m³/day (600 GPM), per unit. 
  • Autonomously optimised performance in all weather conditions. 
  • Minimal footprint and power required. 

Minetek Mechanical Evaporators vs water treatment.

Water treatment is another common dewatering solution. This solution uses reverse osmosis to remove acidity, high metal concentrations or any other pollutants from the water. The aim is to achieve an acceptable quality before reuse in the mining operations or discharge back into bodies of water.

  Minetek Mechanical Evaporators Water treatment
Volume 1 meg/day evaporated

1 meg/day treated


Approx. capex $220,000


Opex $0.20/m³ evaporated

$2.00/m³ evaporated

Operator required No, system is automated Yes
Mobility Yes, system can be relocated easily Typically fixed installations
Ability to manage change in water quality Yes Typically no
Lead time 6-8 weeks 3-4 months
Maintenance Low Constant cleaning & part replacements
Infrastructure footprint Minimal Minimal


Minetek Mechanical Evaporators vs new ponds/dams.

Construction of new storage ponds or dams is probably the most common technique for water management. This option creates new storage facilities to collect and store additional water on site. Storage facilities also serve as a buffer for emergency situations, as they handle excess water from rainfall.

  Minetek Mechanical Evaporators New ponds/dams
Volume 1 meg/day evaporated Scalable, variable due to size & real estate
Approx. capex $220,000 Raising / new dams $25,000,000
Opex $0.20/m³ evaporated Very minimal
Operator required No, system is automated No
Mobility Yes, system can be relocated easily No
Ability to manage change in water quality Yes Yes, if its lined
Lead time 6-8 weeks 6-24 months
Maintenance Low Low maintenance unless lift is required or non-compliance
Infrastructure footprint Minimal Large - very large


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